Faith to Move a Mountain

In November of 2011, I started this blog as a sort of journal to chronicle the events of our son Quinton's adoption. Quinton is a little boy who was born with an extra special something. Quinton has down syndrome and was given up at birth by his parents because he has down syndrome. His birth parents must not have had any idea what a blessing he would be or I am sure they would not have given him up. Unfortunately in Eastern Europe (Quinton is from Ukraine) people with disabilities are not accepted in society and at the age of 4-6, they are sent to adult mental institutions where most of them die :( Although it breaks my heart that his parents have missed out on such a joyful little boy, God has used this unfortunate situation to bless us with a gift greater than I could have ever imagined: the gift of our first child. If you ever considered adoption-do it! Don't let money deter you. God provided over $20,000 for us to adopt Quinton. We were not fully funded until 50 minutes before we boarded our plane to Ukraine. If you have never considered adoption, go back to the beginning of this blog and read. You will see what a blessing adoption really is. Many people tell us that we are angels for rescuing Quinton, but the honest truth is this: Quinton has given me far more that I will ever be able to give him. He is my little miracle, my silly bug, my baby boy, my love. HE IS MY LIFE!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Halloween and Thanksgiving~

I have been wanting to update for some time now, but I really felt like I needed to keep miss Katelyn at the top of my blog while I was fundraising for her. Great news! We exceeded our goal of $1000. So far the angel tree has brought in donations totaling $1188 and there is still a bit more trickling in.

So 2 major holidays have passed since I updated last and another one is just days away. Halloween was fun. When you wait until the day before halloween to buy a costume, you get Winnie the Pooh. I stood in Wal-Mart and had a conversation with myself that went something like this: "Carol, you are not buying you kid a Winnie the Pooh costume." "Why did you wait until the last minute to buy a costume anyway?" "Because I am a professional procrastinator, what else would you expect from me?" I scanned the costumes again and reluctantly decided that Winnie was better than a lady bug LOL. I have to say though, Quinton made quite a cute little Pooh bear, even if the hat made it look like Winnie was eating his head. The pictures are not great the they are definitely indicative of Quinton's opinion of the Pooh costume too. Note to self: DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE HALLOWEEN TO BUY YOUR KIDS HALLOWEEN COSTUME!

We did venture out to go trick or treating, but every time we went to a house, we were invited in, so we only made it to about 4 houses before it was time to go home.

I talked Brian into Brian and I were very excited to take Quinton to the local pumpkin farm. It turns out that Quinton was a little too young to enjoy the experience and it was freezing, but we got some cute pictures including one with him sitting on a pumpkin :)

This slide was always my favorite part of the pumpkin farm. I don't think Quinton agrees LOL ;)

Thanksgiving was awesome because what better to be thankful for than little Quinton himself? Last year we officially started our adoption the day after Thanksgiving. It is hard to believe that a year later, he is here with us-safe and loved like crazy. Last year Quinton was an ornament on our Christmas tree. This year we don't need any presents under the tree because we have the greatest gift of all-our little Q-ball :) Back to Thanksgiving. I had the privilege of meeting another Reece's Rainbow family that lives in the area and of course the food and time with family was priceless. I made Quinton a shirt that says my first turkey day, but he didn't care for the pictures (again). He did however LOVE pureed Thanksgiving food. I have never seen him so excited to eat from a spoon! That in itself is a major accomplishment.

 This is the leave me alone and let me go play with my toys look LOL

And because I can't leave you with a picture where my little guy is not smiling, here is a picture taken by my wonderful photographer, Alisa of Pumpkins and Pearls photography!

So, that is 2 holidays down and one to go. Christmas is just 2 days away and I can't wait to celebrate with my sweet baby boy. We hope you all have an incredible Christmas!


  1. I am so glad he is here with you celebrating this time of year with His family. I love the family picture, I love his arm reaching out to you.

    Oh, and the pooh bear eating his head is great :)

  2. Love that family picture!!! So adorable. Your little baby is just the sweetest...but after seeing my own Grant you can tell I'm partial to little, chubby, blonde boys with an extra chromosome! :)

  3. cant believe how much he has grown! the family picture is so lovely xxxx

    i also wanted to let you know i am in the process of transferring the majority of my blogs over to google reader to make it easier for me to follow them...but i am worried it will look like i have stopped following you! this is not the case...cant wait to see you journey unfold in the new year! have a blessed one xxxxjane x

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  5. did you see did you see!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Reece's rainbow...MFFMpage!!!!!!
    love and hugs jane xxxxxxxx(so happy and leaping up and down here in the UK!)

  6. I was also coming over to tell you about Katelyn!!!!!!! YAAY!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

    Also, I loved your Halloween & Thanksgiving pictures! The "seriously Mom?" look from inside his Pooh Bear costume was priceless lol! And I loved the photo of Quinton perched on the pumpkin ~ too cute!!

  7. I saw it!!! I squealed and cried and laughed. I was so overcome with emotions, I didn't know what to do with myself! Thanks for letting me know :)