Faith to Move a Mountain

In November of 2011, I started this blog as a sort of journal to chronicle the events of our son Quinton's adoption. Quinton is a little boy who was born with an extra special something. Quinton has down syndrome and was given up at birth by his parents because he has down syndrome. His birth parents must not have had any idea what a blessing he would be or I am sure they would not have given him up. Unfortunately in Eastern Europe (Quinton is from Ukraine) people with disabilities are not accepted in society and at the age of 4-6, they are sent to adult mental institutions where most of them die :( Although it breaks my heart that his parents have missed out on such a joyful little boy, God has used this unfortunate situation to bless us with a gift greater than I could have ever imagined: the gift of our first child. If you ever considered adoption-do it! Don't let money deter you. God provided over $20,000 for us to adopt Quinton. We were not fully funded until 50 minutes before we boarded our plane to Ukraine. If you have never considered adoption, go back to the beginning of this blog and read. You will see what a blessing adoption really is. Many people tell us that we are angels for rescuing Quinton, but the honest truth is this: Quinton has given me far more that I will ever be able to give him. He is my little miracle, my silly bug, my baby boy, my love. HE IS MY LIFE!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We're Getting a Social Worker!

So, it is really, officially beginning. We have turned in enough paperwork and gotten enough references for the agency to assign us a social worker! This means that (hopefully) by the end of this year, we should be finished with our homestudy. We have to meet the social worker in a neutral location together. Then she will meet with each of us individually and then she will come out to our house and make sure it is fit for a baby. We have soooo much work to do to get the house ready. We do not use the upstairs of our house for anything but storage, so we have tons of sorting and going through, getting rid of, and packing away to do before she comes. Also, the room that will be Quinton's previously belonged to a 13 year old boy. The carpet is nasty dark blue and the walls are painted Carolina Panther blue. YUCK! Regardless of all the work we have ahead of us, we are very excited to be officially on our way to bringing our baby boy home!

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  1. NO WAY Scott beat me to the referral return from vacation!?!?! Aw man. Well, good for you guys. But for real, I still want to tell someone all the awesome stuff about you guys :)

    Also, if you need some help getting the house ready, I'm more than willing to help! Unless it's with painting. I don't know if I'm that good a friend. :) Just kidding. I'd even help paint.