Faith to Move a Mountain

In November of 2011, I started this blog as a sort of journal to chronicle the events of our son Quinton's adoption. Quinton is a little boy who was born with an extra special something. Quinton has down syndrome and was given up at birth by his parents because he has down syndrome. His birth parents must not have had any idea what a blessing he would be or I am sure they would not have given him up. Unfortunately in Eastern Europe (Quinton is from Ukraine) people with disabilities are not accepted in society and at the age of 4-6, they are sent to adult mental institutions where most of them die :( Although it breaks my heart that his parents have missed out on such a joyful little boy, God has used this unfortunate situation to bless us with a gift greater than I could have ever imagined: the gift of our first child. If you ever considered adoption-do it! Don't let money deter you. God provided over $20,000 for us to adopt Quinton. We were not fully funded until 50 minutes before we boarded our plane to Ukraine. If you have never considered adoption, go back to the beginning of this blog and read. You will see what a blessing adoption really is. Many people tell us that we are angels for rescuing Quinton, but the honest truth is this: Quinton has given me far more that I will ever be able to give him. He is my little miracle, my silly bug, my baby boy, my love. HE IS MY LIFE!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Day 3 With Our Angel :)

Today was incredible! I can't believe how much Quinton is changing already. It is amazing what a little one on one attention will do. The first day we met him, he was so quiet. He had difficulty even holding his little head up for more that a few seconds at a time. Today he did so good. He trunk muscles and neck control are improving every time we see him.

When we went to take him back after our morning visit, I was surprised when someone greeted me in english. She invited us in. Usually when we come to pick him up or drop him off, we have to wait outside of the door, but today there were missionaries there who were able to translate for us. They told us that the nannies are so grateful that we are taking Quinton home to the United States where he can have a good life. The nanny who brought Quinton in for us to see for the first time said that she could tell by the look on my face and the tears in my eyes that he was meant to be ours. 

The nannies invited us in and the missionaries asked if we could take pictures and interact with some of the other kids.I got to hold Leeza and Trenton who have a mama of their own working hard to come get them! It was so sweet. Leeza is considered a "laying down" baby and spends most of her time in a crib on her back. I was so excited to be able to cuddle on her and whisper in her sweet ear that her mama is on the way. We made some great contacts with one of the missionaries who lives locally and it is my hope that we will be able to work something out through her so that we can continue to provide for the kids that we have to leave behind :( She has been coming here since 1997 and has good contacts with the orphanage director. They offered to come pick us up one night after our afternoon visit with Quinton and show us around the city and take us out to eat. It was such a blessing to meet them and I can't wait to see them again.

This afternoon we went to the market and bought a blanket to lay down on the ground so that Quinton could have some tummy time. He loved it. As much as he likes being held and cuddled, I think it was getting hard for him to stay still for 4 hours a day. He is such an angel and absolutely beautiful. He is going to be a perfect fit for our family. We love him so much already and we would go to the moon and back for him. I think we are going to have to turn our office into a spare bedroom for my dad. He is never going to want to leave once he gets his hands on Quinton. 

Keep praying for our judge and court date. We should hear something tomorrow (hopefully). Also, we got word today that the SDA is not handing out appointments any more. They are shutting down on July 11th and any families who have not gotten appointments yet will have to wait until the new adoption ministry is built. This breaks my heart. This could have easily been us. We faced shut down several times and by the grace of God, we made it. Other families will have to wait which is hard enough for them, but think about the kids-some with significant health issues. They will have to sit and wait another 3 months for someone to come rescue them. Please pray that God will sustain their little bodies as they wait and for patience and peace for their families during the rebuilding process. 

Enough about me. I know this is what you are really looking for:

Love him!

He wasn't too sure about this move LOL


Funny Face :)

I don't think I will ever get enough of that smile.

Whatever you do, don't tell the nannies we let him sleep. He's been really congested and rhaspy and I just couldn't resist letting him fall asleep in my arms for the first time.

Holding his Daddy's hand

Too stinkin cute!


  1. He is such a smiley little fellow. So excited for you both. Praying for a speedy court date.

  2. Girl You just want to keep the tears flowing! He is so precious, and you and Brian are the perfect parents for him. I am continuing to pray that you get a court date and soon. I know everyone, including your parents would love to get to meet their precious grandson!!

  3. oh isnt he just gorgeous! i melt looking at him, i cannot even imagine how in love you are! well actually i can and its awesome! x

  4. I have cried and cried over this sweet little man! He is ADORABLE!! And so blessed to have you guys. I can not imagine how hard it is to take him back every day. Keep the pics and updates's good for my sinuses, lol! Praying for and love you guys <3

  5. Well I am sick and crying makes me feel worse, so stop it, LOL. I just love him :) What a precious little boy that God led you to for your own! I am so glad to you got love on Leeza! I was thinking about her yesterday and wondering if you would have the chance to even see her....but you got to love on her too, wow, God is good! Keep piling the pictures on us, we can't get enough of that sweet face!

  6. ha ha, we couldn't help but let Kaylee sleep, I tried so hard to keep her awake and it was too much work, so we just let her sleep and hid from the nannies.

    That yellow sweater is the same as the one they gave us for Kaylee one day. Is it hot there? They always overdressed Kaylee, I felt so sorry for her. After court, we started taking our own clothes and did not overdress her and they didn't say anything about it.

    I'm glad you were able to hold the other children. I wanted so badly to hold Leeza, but when I tried, they said no. I think they would have but did not understand what I was saying. Of course we held Trenton all the time, because he was a little escapee :)

    I am so beyond happy for you and I will be praying for a very quick court date for you.